InnerCrete™ Membrane Technology

“Protecting concrete from the inside…out.”



Protocol Concrete Protection Products are a line of chemically advanced treatment products developed to permanently improve, strengthen, repair and waterproof concrete and other cement-based products.

Protocol Protection Products are based on patent-pending InnerCrete™ Membrane Technology, the revolutionary new solution to permanent concrete waterproofing and protection.  These innovative products for concrete improvement and treatment can be used on both new and existing concrete and other cement-based materials for a wide variety of applications.

InnerCrete™ Membrane Technology reacts with elements present in concrete and chemically modify it; creating a permanent, internal consolidated concrete membrane. This inorganic, barrier membrane maintains breathability yet is impermeable to all liquids and moisture. The surface profile is maintained for future paint or coating adhesion if desired.

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Protocol Products with InnerCrete™ Membrane Technology will increase the performance of concrete by:

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Protocol Products, with InnerCrete Membrane Technology, offer a superior alternative to traditional methods of concrete waterproofing and protection such as coatings and densifiers.

Illustration of water penetrating untreated concrete.
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Untreated Concrete

Traditional Methods
1. Coatings:

  • Rely on physical adhesion to the surface
  • Not permanent
  • Face delamination problems.

Illustration of coating failure
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Coating Failure

2. Densifiers:

  • Create a chemical reaction within the concrete to plug the small voids
  • Can be permanent or semi-permanent
  • Create inconsistent results because they rely on certain materials to be present in the concrete in sufficient amounts to fully react – BUT no two slabs of concrete are ever the same. If attempting to waterproof and create total impermeability, inconsistent results (plugging only some of the voids) will only create partial impermeability.

Illustration of water penetrating densified concrete.
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Densified Concrete

Revolutionary New Method

Protocol Products with InnerCrete™ Membrane Technology

  • Impermeable internal and surface barrier
  • Each Protocol Product imparts all needed elements into the concrete for a complete reaction with consistent results in every application.

Illustration of concrete protected with InnerCrete™ Membrane Technology.

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InnercreteMembrane Illustration

Protocol Concrete Protection Products and proprietary InnerCrete™ Membrane Technology was developed and is owned by Protocol Environmental Solutions Inc, a company headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.

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