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February 9 – 13, 2011  –  Vancouver Convention Center

Protocol presented at the Vancouver Boat Show for the first time, showcasing their newest product, DeFOUL – Antifouling Paint Remover.  The response from industry professionals, marinas, marine writers and boat owners was overwhelming! 

For 5 days straight the booth was swamped with interested passerbys; some stopping to watch the demo video, others excited about the prospect of never having to hand scrape or sand the bottom of their boats again or pay someone the big bucks to do it for them! 

As one boat owner, Chris Penner from Langley exclaimed, “Wow, if this DeFOUL product does what I see in the video and in the pictures and in the time you say it does, where do I sign up?”


    We look forward to seeing everyone again next year at the Vancouver Boat Show!

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November 2010 – Montreal, Quebec

Montreal distributors, Berkayly 3M, had a positive response and generated great interest when they presented at the Contech Trade Show in November.  This trade show, designed for building professionals, had representation from over 350 companies. 

The Contech Show highlights products and services for construction and building management as well as trends in the industry and new products.  Lectures, workshops, techical demonstrations as well as presentations of innovative projects are also part of this exciting show.

Berkayly Trade Show Booth   The next show in Montreal is scheduled for November 29, 2011.
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GUEST SPEAKING EVENT – City of Vancouver
Sustainability Conference “Partners in Sustainability: A Dialogue On Where We Are Going”

Protocol Environmental was invited as one of the guest speakers at the Sustainability Conference hosted by the City of Vancouver. This valuable forum provides updates on sustainability projects by the City as well reaffirms their commitment to furthering sustainable initiates, technologies and programs. 

This was an opportunity for the Company to present its revolutionary Protocol Products with InnerCreteTM Membrane Technology for eco-friendly and sustainable concrete waterproofing and protection.  Other notable guest speakers included Ann Rowan, the Director of the Sustainability Program at the David Suzuki Foundation and Doug Merrier from Encorp Pacific Canada……….READ MORE.

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