GraffitiGuard248 – with InnerCreteTM Technology

ANTI-GRAFFITI SYSTEM:     Step 1 – Preventative Protection


GraffitiGuard – with InnerCreteTM Technology, is an eco-friendly, permanent anti-graffiti barrier for concrete and cement-based surfaces where the natural look of the surface is to be maintained.  As a preventative treatment, it allows for easy graffiti removal.

GraffitiGuard modifies the concrete to create a permanent protection membrane from the surface to just below, preventing the penetration of graffiti into the pores of the concrete.  There is NO VISIBLE CHANGE to the appearance of the concrete, (such as color or added sheen).

Illustration of GraffitiGuard Membrane
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GraffitiGuard Illustration

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When used in conjunction with GraffitiGone Remover it eliminates “ghosting” and “shadowing.” Using other graffiti products/methods may etch the surface of the concrete and reduce the efficacy of the protection membrane

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GraffitiGuard is for use on:

• Concrete and cement-based materials
• Brick and paving blocks
• Indoor/outdoor
• Stucco
• Block and Split-face block
• Vertical and horizontal surfaces

Before a surface is treated, any existing graffiti, paint or surface sealant must be removed.  Once treated with GraffitiGuard, paint and other coatings will not adhere properly to the surface. 

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  • Any concrete surface where graffiti protection is required and the natural surface is to be maintained. (Future paint or coatings will not adhere.)
  • Architectural surfaces, facades and entrances
  • Heritage buildings
  • Building Envelopes
  • Bridges, roads and infrastructure
  • Stadiums, arenas and public facilities
  • Retaining walls
  • Commercial and industrial plants and facilities

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Apply GraffitGuard to bare, untreated, unpainted surfaces using a low pressure sprayer.  Surfaces must be free of any sealant etc. that will block the penetration of the product into the concrete.

GraffitiGuard covers approximately 150 square feet / US gallon.

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  • No VOC’s
  • Fully biodegradable, non-toxic and eco-friendly
  • Permanent – no need for reapplication
  • Maintains concrete breathability (unlike sacrifical wax barriers)
  • Ready to use and easy application
  • Natural look of the concrete is maintained
  • Significant reduction in graffiti maintenance and labor costs
  • Cost effective

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