VersaGuard – with InnerCreteTM Technology

“Protecting concrete from the inside…out.”

> ILLUSTRATION OF VersaGuard Membrane

VersaGuard – with patent-pending InnerCreteTM Technology, is designed to provide maximum concrete waterproofing and protection for applications where surfaces will be painted or coated and optimal coating adhesion is required.

VersaGuard chemically modifies the concrete to create a permanent, integral and consistent waterproofing membrane from 2mm to 4mm below the surface.  The surface profile is maintained, so can be painted or coated with optimal adhesion or left with its natural finish.  VersaGuard provides complete waterproofing protection and versatility and eliminates the need for traditional sealants or coatings.


VersaGuard – with InnerCreteTM Technology, is the most effective, eco-friendly solution to protect concrete and other cement-based materials from:

• Water penetration
• Hairline cracking
• Efflorescence prevention
• Chemical attack
• Rebar corrosion
• Coating delamination
• Environmental factors
• Abrasion and erosion
• Oil, odors and maintenance issues
• Mold and mildew

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ILLUSTRATION OF VersaGuard Membrane

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VersaGuard - Illustration

 VersaGuard maintains concrete breathability while improving durability and reducing maintenance requirements

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VersaGuard is for use on

  • All new and existing concrete and cement-based materials with an unpainted, untreated surface.
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • For vertical and horizontal surfaces

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Any concrete surface where paint or a coating will / may be applied
Bridges, roads and infrastructure
Parkades (Above and below ground)
Pre-cast concrete and tilt-ups
Foundations and buildings envelopes
Water and sewage – Pipes, chambers and facilities
Containment and valve chambers (Above and below ground)
Architectural surfaces, facades and entrances
Commercial and industrial plants and facilities
Elevator and equipment pits
Marine structures
Stadiums, arenas and public facilities

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Apply VersaGuard to bare, untreated, unpainted surfaces using a low pressure sprayer.  Surfaces must be free of any sealant etc. that will block the penetration of the product into the concrete.

VersaGuard covers approximately 150 square feet / US gallon.

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  • No VOC’s
  • Fully biodegradable, non-toxic and eco-friendly
  • Permanent – no need for reapplication
  • Maintains concrete breathability
  • Ready to use and easy application
  • Natural look of the concrete is maintained
  • Versatile – surface profile is maintained for future coating application if desired
  • Improved concrete durability and longevity
  • Reduces long-term maintenance costs
  • Cost effective

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