Mold & Mildew


Protocol Products are the solution to minimizing mold, mildew and bacterial growth on concrete and other cement based materials. 

Treatment using Protocol Products creates a surface that helps resist organic growth.  Any growth that does occur is easily removed and does not require chemicals, scrubbing, agitation or other destructive methods of removal that can permanently damage surfaces.  Surface appearance is improved and maintenance is reduced. 

Using Protocol Products – with InnerCreteTM Membrane Technology;

  • Creates a permanent, impermeable barrier that effectively minimizes moss, mold and mildew growth.
  • Reduces maintenance costs, due to the ease with which any organic growth is removed.
  • Reduces chemical usage, no chemicals are needed to easily maintain surface.
  • Increases concrete durability and longevity by improving resistance to surface wear, abrasion and erosion.
  • Increases surface resistance to de-icing salts and chemical spills and attack.
  • Maintains breathability
All Protocol Products are for use:

  • Indoor / Outdoor
  • Above and Below Ground
  • Vertical, Horizontal and Ceiling Surfaces

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All Protocol Products – with InnerCreteTM Membrane Technology create a permanent impermeable protection membrane within concrete and are suitable for controlling moss and mildew growth.  Each product has been uniquely designed to suit specific applications.  Because requirements vary depending on application, check the suitability of each product to ensure compatibility with the intended use. 

 VersaGuard 42 For use on concrete which will / may have paint or a coating                  applied.  This product can be used in high-traffic areas subject to the pooling of liquids on the surface, however normal precautions must still be followed.
DualGuard 45 For use on concrete which will retain a natural surface, yet has the addition of a super surface repellant for visual water “beading.”  For use in applications that would normally use a surface sealer but with increased durability and longevity of the concrete mass.  Caution should be used when treating high traffic areas as pooling of the liquids on the surface could be a slipping hazard. 

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Waterproofing / Repellency
Cracking Concrete
Maintenance Issues
Rebar Corrosion
Coating Failure
Mold and Mildew
Spalling and Freeze / Thaw
Corrosive Environments
Environmental Factors
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