Rebar Corrosion


Protocol Products are designed to assist in maintaining the structural integrity of concrete by reducing rebar corrosion and preventing some of the factors that cause cracking and concrete deterioration. 

Water penetration can cause extensive damage to concrete including serious rebar corrosion.  Over time rebar deterioration and rust stains create real problems, structurally and aesthetically.

InnerCreteTM Membrane Technology, employed in most Protocol Products;

  • Creates a permanent, impermeable barrier to water and effectively prevents the ingression of water/moisture and
  • Eliminates water damage and rebar corrosion
  • Strengthens the concrete minimizing future hairline cracking.
  • Maintains breathability

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All Protocol Products employ InnerCreteTM Membrane Technology and are suitable for inhibiting rebar corrosion.

 VersaGuard 42 For use on concrete which will / may have paint or a coating applied.  This product can be used in high-traffic areas subject to the pooling of liquids on the surface, however normal precautions must still be followed.
DualGuard 45 For use on concrete which will retain a natural surface, yet has the addition of a super surface repellant for visual water “beading.”  For use in applications that would normally use a surface sealer but with increased durability and longevity of the concrete mass. Caution should be used when treating high traffic areas as pooling of the liquids on the surface could be a slipping hazard.

Protocol Products are not designed fill large voids and cracks already present in concrete, but can be used in conjunction with other products designed to fill cracks in concrete. 

All Protocol Products are for use:

  • Indoor / Outdoor
  • Above and Below Ground
  • Vertical, Horizontal and Ceiling Surfaces

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Rebar Corrosion
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